Lean Holiday Nutrition Challenge


Do you feel…

  • Anxious or nervous about the holidays and all the sugary treats?
  • Tired of gaining weight over the holidays?
  • Overwhelmed by all of the nutrition and diet information out there?
  • Like you don’t know what you actually CAN or should eat?
  • Like your body has a lot of inflammation and needs a reset?
  • That stress is standing in your way from achieving your dream body?
  • Like you have hit a plateau in your workouts and don’t know how to see improvements again? 

Do you want…

  • To hit the reset button on your health and fitness?
  • To make better lifestyle choices to support your health and fitness?
  • To gain a  clear understanding of how to nourish your body with the best foods for your goals?
  • To get an easy to follow reset plan (meal plans, shopping lists, recipes,      inspiration, accountability & more)?
  • To look in  the mirror and like who AND what you see?
  • To lose some weight?
  • To connect  with others in a supportive community that are also on their health and  fitness journey?
  • To have less shame around your food choices during the holidays?
  • To see performance improvements in your workouts that are the direct result of  optimizing your nutrition


Let’s get healthy, lean, and fitter before the holidays! 

We will work together to create some healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits prior to the holidays! 

Five weeks

We kick off on October 21, 2019. 

The challenge ends on November 22, 2019.

Cost: $99

What do I get for that? 

· 2 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with a coach (nutrition consultation, personal training)

· Weekly challenge video

· Weekly workout video challenge

· Facebook group for accountability

· Mini accountability groups

Spaces are limited, so sign up today! Registration closes October 19.