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I was very lean in my childhood but due to unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise, I was in very bad shape. When I started CrossFit, I was in the worst shape of my life. Experts say that your physique is about 70% how you eat and 30% how you work out, that’s why I needed some extreme fitness regime which can help me not only getting into good shape but strength and endurance. CrossFit gave me all these things, moreover my balance has improved and I’m more faster in sports. I lost 11 pounds in these 4-5 months Thanks to CrossFit North Mesquite for helping me out for what I was looking for. From all the coaches to all other members who always supported and encouraged me throughout this journey.- Tarang


This has been one of the most successful challenges that I have participated in.

Not only did I lose 9lbs, I also lost a total of about 5in in my body. I stuck to the different meal regimens throughout the 6wks and saw a big change externally as well as internally. I noticed the foods I eat directly impact how I feel throughout the day. My workouts have become easier to recover from and I feel like I am stronger and wake up with the energy to kick but at 4am in the gym.

I can honestly say that being able to text Amy throughout this process whether it be for meal accountability, scaled/modified workouts, or just to talk me out of a huge piece of cake or pizza has been the reason for my success. I have learned how to distract myself, be accountable for what goes into body, and how much my body's NEEDS fiber!

Thank you for a wonderful experience- Tania 



I was not sure I could go 6 weeks without baked was my fave!! On top of not eating any sweets for 6 weeks and increased my veggies and fruits on a daily basis to at least 400g/day

My workouts have felt much better...I am recovering faster overall and I have been able to push through when tired in a wod! 

Thanks as always for these opportunities- L



 Thank you for everything!!!

This  was my first challenge and I was nervous about being on a team. For  starters I felt the pressure of being accountable for my actions  instantly. My biggest struggle isn't showing up a gym and working out,  it's saying no to sweets and bread. I had great team leaders that helped  ease my nervousness and motivated me every day (literally). 

I  lost 4 lbs and 5 inches. I wanted to lose more, however, I gained  muscle and definition all over. I was able to stop relying on coffee and  gained a natural perk. I learned how to meal prep and try new healthy  recipes. I loved being able to wake up in the morning and have my meals  ready. I definitely created new habits and overall a lifestyle change.  Go team, Weights Before Dates!- Priscilla


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 I  hit a couple of PRs & lost a few holiday pounds. Barely drank any alcohol & slept better, too. And I got my  cholesterol back and I'm down even more than last nutrition challenge by  a few points! Woohoo!!!  - Holly



I have a degenerative disease that sometimes causes pain & swelling in my knees. Coach Amy always has a modification for me that I can do even though I CrossFit six days a week. I never feel like I have to skip the workout and stay home. She has so many options to prevent me from getting bored. She has even shown me safe exercises to strengthen my muscles and soft tissue around my knee to make it more stable. My doctor said I’m getting more benefit from here programming than I would at most physical therapy centers.



Down 14 lbs since the Challenge started and 17lbs since the New Year. My shirts and jeans are too big now and need new belts as well. I PR’d on my Back Squat and PR’d on my Annie time by :28 seconds. I increased my front squat by 20 lbs too. Burpees are enjoyable now and body weight exercises are getting easier. I’m almost to the point to where I can workout shirtless and not be embarrassed about it. 😎
But most importantly I was able to finally kick the energy drink habit I’ve battled for almost 5 years. My team didn’t win but I’m still slaying! 


 I was on a medication that made me gain 30 pounds on it. After starting  the challenge I switched meds and took a chance on the challenge, in  hopes to help kick start my weight loss and help me have a sense of  control over my weight. The challenge helped me lose around 8 ish pounds  but helped me max rep my max deadlift and squat! The challenge taught  me to take into consideration any and all outside “noise” and to  essential “kick it out”. I learned that sugar is in EVERYTHING and it’s  pretty much a drug. I kicked sugar for a week on the challenge and it  made me so groggy and grumpy, I didn’t realize I was withdrawing and  detoxing from it! I also learned what my macros and calories should be  thanks to Amy! With this I became conscious of what I needed to eat and  made sure I ate till satiated and not full. I began to cook more protein  packed vegan meals and when I was not up to my protein, I incorporated  fish or tuna. I also began to add more fiber rich foods, which is easy  since all are vegan! With this all in mind, I have still continued to be  present when eating and to start my day off early so I can get the most  out of my day. I no longer live to eat but eat to fuel my body! Thank you for helping us all  out on this challenge, Amy!  

Team Weights before Dates

Wanted to congratulate these amazing women! They started this challenge on the 14th of January, nervous and anxious about what was to come. Well I am beyond proud to say that amongst us 6(yes there are 7 in the pic) we lost a total of 59lbs! Most importantly we gained friendships, tips, meal ideas, strategies, motivation and muscle! Super huge thank you to Amy for allowing me to be Captain of these amazing ladies and for taking my text messages and answering them at all hours of the day/night! You ladies rock!! Keep up the good work!  

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